• Power & Prominence

    Profound. Complex. Unforgiving.


    Available for PC 2020 Q4

  • What's the game about?

    Imagine playing a turn based game that combines Dungeons and Dragons with a grain of Sims, and a dash of Homam (heroes of might and magic) seasoned with Craft the World and Dominions and you will get Power and Prominence. Its a game where your end goal is to do what your forefathers have done before you; to transcend, to reach the ultimate form of existence. And you'd better be faster than the competition!

    What can you do in game?

    Through exploring, interacting, gathering, researching, crafting and occasional conflict management on a procedurally generated map, you gain small steps on the road to transcendence. We have focused on the thinking aspect of the game. All actions have some kind of effect and consequences that might delay your one-way journey to trancendency. The game will not scale with your character, so taking the sub-optimal road might lead you to your demise.

  • Where will the game be published?

    We will be using the esteemed steam platform.

    When is ETA?

    Release date to be announced. Around 2020 Q4 is all we know.


    No way, we will finish and publish. No shortcuts to people's wallets!

  • Some in game snapshots

    Take a look and enjoy!


    A small little village in the outlands guaranteed to resist your dominance.

    A small sample of ingame resources

    A nice little tile to fight on...

  • Some game concept art

    Perhaps considering to start a new game...?

    Exploration map:

    alpha meets beta...

    Top down view:

    old fighting view

    RPG view

    Top down view:

    A Demonic-squad advancing...

    ...in broad daylight...


  • The People behind Power and Prominence

    Game designer

    Pojan Dehnavi

    Assistant game designer

    Rud Afshar

    Lead Programmer

    Serhiy Yavtyshenko


    Ashleii Kono























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